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About East Java

Long regarded as an inconvenient 12 hour road trip between Borobudur in Central Java and Bali, the eastern third of Java is quickly becoming a destination in its own right. Volcanic creaters, deserted beaches, wildlife reserves, well-preserved temple complexes and a friendly, colorful people make East Java a prime “Soft Adventure” destination. The hotels may be a little more basic than further west and the road a little bumpier but tne various attractions make any transient discomfort and inconvenience fade into memorable experience.

Historically, from the 10th to the 13th century, The great kingdoms of that period Kediri, Singhasari and Majapahit had bequeanthed a rich heritage of temples, art, literature, music and drama. The Majapahit empire arose in 1292 AD. Besides dominating the entire archipelago of Indonesia, its authority also covered the Malay peninsula and parts of the Philippines.

Hindu-Buddhist influences lasted throughout the 14th century and spread throughout the islands. After the Brantas Valley was settled by Moslems in 1527 AD, many Hindus fled eastwards to Blambangan, presently known as Banyuwangi, and to Bali. There are numerous temple ruins found, dating from classical times of the Hindu-Buddhist period in 7th century AD.