Slowly, tourism sector started to recover. Therefore, MITF 2021 takes the theme "We Restart Tourism - Explore Natural Tourism" with the hope of reviving tourism interest in East Java while still adhering to health protocols, with a focus on natural tourism and tourist villages. Of course, all tourism industries that participate in MITF are required to have obtained the CHSE certification.

MITF Programs

Visit East Java 2021 - 2022

1. Travel Exchange (Virtual)

  A closed business meeting between buyers and sellers arranged in a hybrid Table Top       Meeting (offline and online). The sellers are local travel agents, hotels, tourist attractions,     and exhibition centers.

2. Tourism Exhibition

 The Tourism Exhibition and Exchange will be joined by participants  from Provincial,   Regency and Municipal level of Government agencies from East Java and other provinces in   Indonesia.

3. Fam Trip

 Fam trip is specially designed for exhibitors to explore some tourist attractions in East Java.

4. Promotion and Publication:

  Social media:

 Official Accounts, Selebgram,

  Instagram, Instagram Ads, Tiktok

  Electronic media:

  SMS Blast, Email Blast, Radio Ads

  Print media:

  Billboard Venue 6x12, T-Banner,

  Mini Banner,Poster, Flyer, Neon Box,

  Poster Holder

5. Organizers
MITF is held by The Government of East Java c.q. East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service in cooperation with PT. Debindo Mitra Tama for Tourism Exhibition and PT. Sagem Panca Pratama for Travel Exchange, and supported by Eat Java Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD), Association of Indonesian Tour Agencies – East Java Chapter (ASITA), GIPI, Indonesia Hotel & Restaurant Association – East Java Chapter (PHRI), Casa Grande, and East Java  Tourism Professional Association (APPSI).